Just For Tonight

Kurt Hunter
Kurt Hunter


I like the way, you cradle your coffee

and how you laugh a bit too loud

I like the way you dance, when you think no one's watchin

and that face halfway between a smile and a frown


I like the way, you are always up for drinking

and when you gently say my name

You're never shy, to eat right off my plate

I hope you know I'd do the same.



I don't know if I could love you, 

But I'll definitely set aside some time

and I don't mind if you are not, "the one"

cause for now you are the one, that's on my mind

so just kiss me, 

baby just kiss me

even if, even if, it's just for tonight


I like your eyes, when you are telling me a story

and how sometimes you drift away

It doesn't matter how you dress for the occasion

when you wear that smile, it will always brighten my day


I want to get to know your, imperfections

and stay up late, watching your t.v.

I want our noses, to get cozy 

and our eyes to close, so we can't see




inst. solo