Long Goodbyes

Kurt Hunter
Kurt Hunter


Featuring Trisha Smith on vocals too!


Whenever we get together to spend time,

we never need a plan

The car radio makes the parking lot the perfect 

place to dance


When time is fun it flies too fast, but

we found a way to make it last


By saying those long goodbyes

they make the night a little longer

and it ain't no big surprise

how quickly time begins to wander away

in your eyes

in the middle of long goodbyes


We laugh and we joke on the phone all day

and sometimes late at night

and though we're miles apart we share the same

cellular light


it's time for bed but even so

you know it's hard to let you go, before


Saying those long goodbyes

To make the night a little longer

Even if we both try

to check the minutes that we

squander away, rely

on another long good bye


Darling if you feel the same,

then there's no need to explain

why we postpone

being alone.  and stay......


When, we've said out last goodnight

you know we'll want to say it one more time


(Repeat 1st chorus)