Sunny Day

Kurt Hunter
Kurt Hunter


It is, early in the afternoon

halfway through the month of June

in a park, in a small town


There are, blankets laid out on the ground

not another soul around

at a picnic, just for two


and I'm, too nervous to ask it

as you take, the ring from the basket

I know what you'll say

Some Sunny day


It is blue skies, with a light breeze

warm at 78 degrees

on a day, on our day


Friends and family, jackets and ties

You’ll find me waiting with, butterflies

at the end, of the aisle


and you, all flowers and lace

beautiful, as the smile on your face

you'll say I do, and I'll say I do too

Some sunny Day


it is cold outside, but warm indoors

the fire lights the hardwood floors

in our den


a glass of wine, or two or three

we stay up all night just to fall asleep

in each others' arms


and we, will always be together

through, whatever we may weather

hope and we pray, clouds will give way

to some sunny day