1. Rainy Days

From the recording Up Too Late


She comes into town, maybe twice a year
Spend a little time, drink a little wine, bend my ear
Shared old memories found and retold, a thousand times over and then
we claim passionate midnights, till she's gone again
I wonder if she knows, that I think of her on rainy days
every time the wind blows, in the clouds colored grey
although she goes, and I stay, she's with me on
rainy days
She tells me not to wait, not to hesitate to find another lover
good advice that's forgotten underneath the covers
and I know she may find someone, in the world when she leaves me behind
But, even on the brightest of days, she's still overcasting my mind
It is early in this Thunderstorm
To push the thought, of someone warm, away
Saving our love, for a sunny day
(chorus) x 2