1. Super Hero

From the recording Up Too Late


This time, you'll never get away
with this crime, think you can hide away
I found your secret lair
I caught you fair and square
Can we stop playing this game
give up the fight, baby tell me your name
cause you're a villain that's willing now hunny don't be shy
or act surprised when we start to fly, cause I'm a 
Super hero, living my life for justice baby
Super hero, saving the world for just us baby
Super hero, we could fly away
why don't you let me, save your day
You'd better, recognize who you're up against
you're shaking me off with your best defense
you gotta cold shoulder and freezing eyes
I use x-ray vision see through your disguise
Come on baby tell me how do you feel
you can't last long 'gainst the man of steel
make up your mind, I got saving to do
I wouldn't be a super hero if I only saved you
We could fly away, why don't you let me save your day.