1. Up Too Late

From the recording Up Too Late


here's a problem I've been having that keeps me awake
The trouble is I'm always stayin' up too late.
With old t.v. re-runs and too much caffein, 
internet chat rooms and junk food cuisine.
The later it gets, the more I resist
I'm an insomnimaniac psychopathic with a twist.
and I haven't had a bed time since nineteen-ninety three
Old Mr. Sandman forgot about me.
Oh, deary me, look at the clock it's a quarter past three
Oh, my my my, It's such a chore just to shut my eyes
Oh, I'll never win, looks like I stayed up too late
If I lay in my bed, I'll just lay awake 
thinking about all of those old cable bills I should pay
My eyeballs are drying up out of their sockets
I keep a little bottle of no-doze in my pocket
I'm crazy, insane, I'm doing just fine
ain't found a better way to waste my time
I never wake up till sometime round mid-day
Everybody's telling me I'm sleepin my life away
I stay quiet as a mouse, don't bother no one
I make a wish list to accomplish and get some things done
But I always end up, distracted and bored
I play hours of pinball trying to beat my high score
I make lots of new friends, at least on myspace
I spent 45 minutes trying to get a good picture of my face
Gotta break this sleep cycle, and rearrange my fate
But I'll get to that tomorrow cause tonight it's too late
Chorus X 2